If you’re a passionate electric bass player in search of high-quality instruments, there’s good news for you. Two new dealers for Tribe basses have opened their doors in Japan – Bass Japan Direct in Tokyo and Geek In Box in Yokohama. This is exciting news for Japanese musicians and anyone looking for a world-class electric bass.

Tribe Bass: The Sound of Excellence

Tribe basses are renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship and exceptional sound. Carefully crafted by top luthiers, these instruments are beloved by musicians of all genres for their versatility and their ability to produce extraordinary tones. They’ve been used by many world-famous artists, proving their quality on stages and recording studios worldwide.

Bass Japan Direct: The Passion for Bass

Bass Japan Direct is a specialized shop located in Tokyo, Japan. Managed by passionate electric bass enthusiasts, it has quickly become a preferred destination for bassists searching for high-quality instruments. Here’s why you should consider Bass Japan Direct when looking for a Tribe bass in Japan:

  1. Curated Selection: Bass Japan Direct offers a thoughtfully curated selection of Tribe basses, including classic and contemporary models to meet the needs of all musicians.
  2. Expert Knowledge: The staff at Bass Japan Direct consists of passionate electric bass experts ready to share their knowledge and provide detailed advice to help you find the perfect bass.
  3. Professional Service: The shop also offers professional setup services to ensure your Tribe bass performs at its best.

Geek In Box: The Musician’s Oasis

Geek In Box is another musical instrument shop located in Yokohama, Japan, offering a wide range of Tribe basses among its products. This store is known for its commitment to providing only high-quality products to its customers. Here’s why you should consider Geek In Box when looking for a Tribe bass in Japan:

  1. Wide Selection: Geek In Box offers a vast array of Tribe basses, including classic and innovative models, as well as a variety of finishes and configurations.
  2. Expert Assistance: The staff at Geek In Box consists of passionate musicians and instrument experts ready to answer your questions and provide personalised advice.
  3. Setup Service: Geek In Box also offers a professional setup service to ensure your Tribe bass reaches its full potential.


If you’re a passionate musician in search of a high-quality Tribe bass in Japan, you now have two exceptional dealer options: Bass Japan Direct in Tokyo and Geek In Box in Yokohama. Both offer top-notch selections and impeccable customer service, so don’t miss the opportunity to own a world-class instrument and visit one of these stores today!